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Develop and maintain long standing candidate relationships across multiple groups and levels. Have a big influence within a small team as a coding jack of all trades. High salary + incentive for experience in logistics & transport sectors. contribute to and implementing strategic department projects including global and regional initiatives. Determine and execute key business initiatives that will drive business operations.
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  • Data Scientist , Investment & Trading Technology , Technology and Operations At least three years' experience in import/export LC documentations.
  • Sales managers For Canada / Australia Call @ 78388 32189 Provides assurance of achievement of control for trade compliance operations for the country, including oversight for adherence to department compliance procedures, collection of trade data and the compilation of KPIs to support risk management objectives of the functional COE's.
  • Trade Support , Associate - Singapore Promote alignment across Engineering lecturers in administering assessments by defining project quality standards.
  • Business Manager , Macro Trading Any Trade Apprentice course, Offshore or Oil and Gas training is an advantage.
  • Retail Managers For Canada / Australia Call @ 88600 99607 Monitor the performance of agreements and proactively act to ensure all parties meet contract expectations.
  • APAC Macro Strategist Flexibility and reliability as well as independent working.
  • Marketing & Retail sales manager Under PR Visa Ability to carry out physical tasks and lift weights in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines.
  • VP , Technical Lead , Investment & Trading Technology , Technology & Operations Ideal candidate will have experience working with educational institutions, and/or has knowledge of current trends, issues and the players in the skills training landscape.
  • Trading Analyst Creating a positive and innovative student-centered learning environment in both the classroom and laboratory settings.
  • Programmatic Trader Coordinate and distribute program schedule to instructors, mentors, students & Generation coalition.

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