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Provide full support to SVP/VP on conducting overall restructuring process. Engaging in a wide range of operational activities alongside managing customer relationships, including but not limited to establishing direct communication channels with clients, issuing loan agreements, applying payments to individual accounts, identifying delinquent accounts, taking direct collections action, issuing monthly statements, addressing customer claims, etc. Processing of high-volume invoices to both domestic and overseas vendors. Contribute to a top tier Norway Management team by being a strong partner to the Norway CCO. Ensures all stockroom procedures (delivery, handling and management) are rigidly followed.
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How to find Good Accountancy Works in Switzerland

You have to focus on the following points to settle in Accountancy domain.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) The Finance Officer (also known as `Accountant` internally) will support the line manager delivering accurate and timely finances support to this role that includes collaborating with other members of the Finance team to ensure proper accounting transactions and compliance with WorldFish and the donor requirements.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Understanding of accounting principles and tax regulations.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Dyeing Production, Planning, Income, cost, Dyes & Chemical relating auditing activity.
  • Working in a product/business analyst capacity for an end to end accounting software solution product.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Your application to be sent to recruitment@vn.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Pleasant personality, good work attitude, team player and a problem solver.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Internationally orientated business accountant/finance professional.
  • Good understanding of and alignment with ProVeg Internationals vision and mission.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) Natural interest or experience in e-commerce.
  • Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur) In control of interviewing and qualifying necessary collaborators.

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Adviseur Finance & Control (24-32 uur)

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