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Contribute to relevant study documents, including data collection instruments, data collection and analysis plans, work plans, sampling plans, and other relevant sections. Undertake and report on research projects as directed. Drive and lead the engineering processes, architecture and technical roadmap within the team in collaboration with the engineers. Flexible ways of working with a focus on outcomes and collaboration. Exposure to implementing security controls in support of Micro Segmentation, Micro Strategies, Virtual Data Center technologies, HA, application and data center mobility.
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  • Thinking of returning home to New Zealand? | Expressions of... You are comfortable and experienced in executive level stakeholder engagement and strategic leadership.
  • Experience delivering and owning micro services in a SaaS environment.
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab.
  • Good to have working knowledge of MBaaS.
  • Customization of source control management to include verification reports (using GiT, EMF compare).
  • Thinking of returning home to New Zealand? | Expressions of... You are familiar with the Swedish market within the Data & Analytics area.
  • Experience with defense against hardware attacks and working with reverse engineering a plus.
  • Thinking of returning home to New Zealand? | Expressions of... Our solutions use the top of the line technical developments that work for us.
  • Understanding of End to End system testing requirementsFollow-up and define Quality and Performance indicatorsCapacity and Performance Analysis, Reporting and Improvement Solution DefinitionService & Resource configuration definition and implementation on requested systemsWork on complex solutions that have an effect on the design of current products and addresses design issues for future products or technologiesClose relationship with external partners like carriers, service providersElaborate, and manage the process, for change requests to current partners in order to meet the network necessitiesControl the network elements roadmap, being responsible for the necessary software/hardware upgrade during the elements lifecycle.
  • Develop and execute a competitive talent strategy that will ensure that the business attracts and hires the exceptional talent for each function.

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