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About Warehouse Jobs

Monitor maintenance activities and report all relevant risk prevention and operational activities. Assist Operations Executives with stock checking and other tasks as required. Bachelor's degree + Post-Graduate qualification - Formal training in Supply Chain Management. Please research, and read about the happy customers we help at: https://fivetran. Understanding of cost/revenue impact of decisions.
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How to find Apply Warehouse Jobs in Norway

You have to focus on the following points to settle in Warehouse domain.
  • Monitors inventory level on daily basis.
  • Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer Theoretical knowledge and understanding of structures.
  • Sending MIS reports of shortages, reordering, expiry - shelf life, valuations etc.
  • Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer Competitive remuneration package in a dynamic and highly professional working environment.
  • Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer Experience in translating data into actionable stories.
  • Pass forklift skills test (if applicable).
  • Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer Matching the material location in warehouse to ERP records.
  • Ability to manage work systems and processes.
  • Coordinate with the school staff to arrange reasonable work hours for staff, support management planning staff for sick leave, vacation leave, holidays.
  • Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer Erfahrung in logischer und physischer Datenmodellierung im DWH Umfeld.

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Data Warehouse Solution Architect/ETL Developer

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