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Coordinate and monitor the interface between the construction automation plan and the project controls program at the jobsite. Execute and oversee all aspects of the project from concept to production, working with the global team (R&D, design and manufacturing engineers, industrial design, project managers, etc. To respect the norms of security, hygiene and health in the work and protection of the environment. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Actively participate in training courses on environment, health and safety (EHS) and demonstrate knowledge gained from training courses.
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How to find Top Welder Works in Switzerland

You have to focus on the following points to settle in Welder domain.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Follow NACG codes of practice and safety procedures.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Accuracy and Flexibility (adjusting to early work hours).
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... You have experience in construction site on big scale projects.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Flexibility to work non-standard schedules at any location with possible varying environmental conditions required in remote areas.
  • Report EHS issues, unsafe behaviors and safety recommendations to management or troubleshoot possible problems.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Approve field requisitions as delegated by the Field Construction Manager.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Autoclave Qualification and Sterilisation Loads Cycle Development experience.
  • Long-term employment (Belgian terms - with permanent contract option).
  • Report safety issues, quality concerns, quality issues to team leader.
  • Sheet Metal Worker & Welder Technician (EN-MME-FW-2020-73-LD... Keep all records for acceptance and check out Check acceptance forms for performed work and state that work is in accordance with Drawings/requisitions or reject the work with a precise description why.

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Top Welder Careers for Students in Switzerland

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