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Core competencies to start Merchandiser Job in Garment Industry

The following are the core skills and qualifications required for anyone to start a merchandising career in the garment industry.

Excellent Communication Skills:

To be a qualified merchandiser, this is a main and important issue. In which way an order will be completed, it totally depends on excellent communication skills of a merchandiser. If you can easily communicate with the buyer and manufacturer then the whole process will be very easy to complete an order.

Excellent Product Knowledge:

A qualified garments merchandiser should have needed excellent product knowledge. By which he/she can understand not only the correct information of the product from buyer but also suggest the accurate information up-to-the manufacturer. Fabric Knowledge is a must.

Quick Decision-Making Quality:

When a garment merchandiser dealing with the buyer, sometimes have to require taking important decision for that order. This should be quick enough so that normal flow of conversion does not face any interruption. Actual product and manufacturing knowledge will help a merchandiser to take the correct decision in such cases.

Computer skills:

Virtual media is one of the very easiest and popular way to make communication with others. All kinds of record keeping and forming database, computer skills is must for a garments merchandiser. It is seen most buying houses are relying heavily on instant messaging applications to communicate hourly. If you have the thorough knowledge of computer-based technology then your job will be very easier.

Excellent Consumption Calculation Knowledge:

A qualified garment merchandiser has the correct consumption calculation knowledge to earn profit from an order. Because an accurate consumption calculation is a key point for achieving the profit of that order.

Excellent English Proficiency:

Current generation is vastly depends on English language to communicate with foreigners. English proficiency is a burning criteria for a garment merchandiser. It helps a garments merchandiser to make excellent communication with the buyer.

Excellent Knowledge about the Factory:

Before placing an order into a factory, a garment merchandiser has to justify the current situation of that factory. Otherwise, it will create a heavy problem to submit the order in timely. As well as, it will create a bad impression on the merchandise. So, to be the qualified merchandiser, keeping excellent knowledge about the factory is the must.

Ability to take pressure and meet deadlines:

The ideal candidate will be able to work under pressure from superior and meet all deadlines with a positive attitude and achieve positive results. The Ideal candidate should also have the ability to work independently to achieve positive results even if there is lack of supervision.

Excellent Convincing Power:

During an order process, might face problems, but there is a solution to every problem. A good garment merchandiser should have the needed the excellent convincing quality to convince such kinds of problems by discussing with the factory and if needed with a buyer and reach a correct solution to those problems. Should be a great negotiator and get best results for the company and its buyers.

Ability to work in a Team and on your Own:

Ability to work in a team or group is an important criterion. If you are in a team or group then you can easily get very important support from your team mate, which helps you to complete your order very efficiently. Where the success of an order might totally depend on team support. On the other hand on some project might have to work completely independently to achieve desired results.

Excellent Knowledge of the World Market:

If you want to be a qualified merchandiser then you have to know the world current market. To make accurate price and know sense of fashion it is very important point for a garments merchandiser.

Excellent Analytical Quality:

Analytical quality is an important key factor for a qualified garment merchandiser. Correct analysis of the situation helps to identify future demand and supply of goods.

Ability to draw / sketch:

The ideal candidate will have to ability to sketch a design. Use photo shop or other software to sketch and make basic changes to garment as per customer requirements.

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